Meet Dr. Jester

Richard E. Jester, DDS

I am most passionate about helping people maintain their teeth in an aesthetic and healthy condition for a lifetime. With the advances in prevention, nutrition, the use of digital restorative systems, and implants, this is more possible than in the past. A dentist has to be competent in many areas, including science, clinical skills and technique, business and management, and communication. Dentistry is an exciting challenge and a rewarding way in which to help others, and I am proud to be a part of this profession.

It is always rewarding to help a person who is in acute pain. In the beginning, many patients come to us in some degree of discomfort. What is even more rewarding is to teach people how to be healthy as almost all dental disease is completely preventable. I want our patients to think about our office as their dental home and I have a fantastic committed team who facilitate this kind of experience every day. It is why we come to work.

Education and Continuing Education

The science of dentistry is advancing rapidly, and while the state of Delaware requires the completion of 50 hours of continuing education credits every two years, I far exceed these minimal standards, often completing twice the amount needed in order to stay on the cutting edge of dental technology. In addition, I am a member of the Omega Study Club of Christiana, made up of a group of dentists who gather monthly to discuss and study issues relating to clinical patient care. This club is a wonderful way for me to be involved with my peers in my local community. Nationally, I have also attended advanced clinical training at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida and the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Professional Affiliations

I am a member of three families; I have my family (wife, children, grandchildren, etc), my dental team family, and my family of patients. Every day, I live in the midst of these three overlapping relationships. My goal is to have long standing relationships in all three areas. I have been married to Jacki for 40 years, I have team members who have been with me for 20 years, and I have some patients who have been in my practice from the very beginning. 

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